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 Write A Science Opera !

Write a Science Opera (WASO) is a creative professional development approach to inquiry-based music and science education in which pupils of different ages, supported by teachers, opera artists and scientists, are the creators of an educational performance. WASO is an application of the widespread Write an Opera method, which has been successfully implemented in many countries during the past three decades. WASO integrates science education into the original method by involving scientists who lead an inquiry-based creative process demonstrating common impulses shared by science and the arts. The WASO concept was developed by Associate Professor Oded Ben-Horin and Professor Magne Espeland at Stord/Haugesund University College (Norway), based on meetings with RESEO, as well as the Royal Opera House (London)’s Education department.


From the website : http://www.reseo.org/project/write-science-opera




The "Linkcast"  ID

During the event, pupils from three countries (Greece, Norway and Cyprus) performed in sequence live on the student's opera: "Pappa Kom Heim". The interaction between the three venues took place via a multicast audiovisual environment adapted by Petros Stergiopoulos in Ellinogermaniki Agogi - R&D department (Greece).

This actual live performance link was not only a closed multicast link. The multicast online environment was broadcasted live via external webcast server provided by Stord Haugesund University (Norway).

The WASO_Link is DMA's second pilot link with Norway and the first interstate attempt to achieve a live-performance multiple-site-link.


Live AUDIO interaction

The WASO link was the first attempt to achieve a multiple site audiovisual interaction with audio-response between pupils from three countries. Music was produced as a live musical theme triggered live audio response between distant participants.  The sequence of the 4-note musical theme Do-Fa- Mi -Do was improvised in sequence between the three communities in Norway, Greece and Cyprus. This Linkcast was the last of a series that led to Audiovisual Bideractional Interaction of the next session that linked five places in national level but in a more complex way. Please consult Akriton Mousiki.


Live Webcast URL:

The live event was broadcasted via a webcast URL which was courtesy of Stord Haugesund University (Norway). The URL address was https://streamer.uninett.no/hsh/live2.html



The Multicast sites

Greece, Ellinogermaniki Agogi School
Petros Stergiopoulos
Dimitrios Fotopoulos

Norway, Stord Haugesund University (main venue)
Oded Ben Horin
Gunhild Rolfsnes
Michael Conrad

Cyprus, Saint Spyridon Primary School
Alexandros Kofteros


...and of course pupils from the three countries!


VIDEOS (excerpts)

These video  excerpts are live reproduction of the actual multicast environment. Access to the audiovisual content is restricted only to those who are registered in the Distance learning Music Agoge project. For credentials please don't hesitate to contact with the project coordinator Mr. Petros Stergiopoulos plagiavlitis@yahoo.gr .
(Please refresh your browser in case audio stream initiates twice).





Introduction session 1








Introduction session 2








Triple site audiovisual interaction (Norway, Cyprus, Greece), session 1







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