Here you may browse the audiovisual archive of the project. Except the online video content that recreates the actual videoconference environment (for example the links on a recorded video playback are active) this archive also presents the HTML pages that were created shortly before each event and they were updated throughout the duration of each one. Internet connections used for the preparation and realization of these activities were either via mobile broadband (GPRS, 3G), WiFi or ADSL. Please feel free to browse the screenshots, videos, presentations and documents referring to each particular activity.

  • "Webcasts" are single-source streaming multicast sessions to multiple recipients.
  • "Linkcasts" are multiple-site-teleconference sessions.
  • In the "Upcoming" tab you may find webcasts or multicast links that are scheduled to take place.


Seikilos epitaph / Temple of Poseidon, Cape Sounio


While you live, shine, have no grief at all, life exists only for a short while and time demands its toll



The idea

The EA-Glauki Multicast, Xanthe

  An additional-links page that supported the EA-Glauki multicast from Xanthi is now on file. The following link, on which you may find the video excerpt, was updated after the multicast:

Live Multicast from Chios island



In July 8th 2011 a multicast of a Charity Classical Music Concert attempt took place from the island of Chios.





"ΔΑΝΑΟΣ" Άργος

In January 9th 2011 a concert from "Danaos" Hall in Argos Peloponnese was multicasted succesfully.

For more information please consult:

"Aegean, Summer 2010" Naxos & Tinos Festivals

In August 2010 classical music concerts on two Aegean islands were audiovisually webcasted live

Let Us Link With Norway (part III)


“Let Us Share Sounds and Images of The North”






The idea


Acritan figures in Music heritage

Final event: April 23, 2013 12:00 EET 2013


The idea

Let us link with... Norway!

Experimental live web-link between students from Norway and Greece.

Link-date: November 22, 2012 19:30 - 20:30 EET


Sites: Stord - Western Achaia - Athens




Weblink supervisors:

"Mediterranean Promise", 3rd International Festival of Naxos

3rd AXIA International Festival "Mediterranean Promise" was the first festival in Greece to be broadcasted live, for educational purposes, through the internet. By blending Webcast activities and Multicast Links most of the festival's cultural and educational activities were broadcasted live through adsl and 3G mobile broadband internet services.


The June 28th 2010 link

In June 28th 2010 a classical music student-concert involving three-site pilot teleconference link, was webcasted live. The event included educational tasks such as music-concert preparation and team-training. This was the first succesful attempt to develop a multiple-site-link in Greece.