"Let Us Share The Music"


The 50 years anniversary Multiple-Site linkcast


Upon the 50 years anniversary of Ellinogermaniki Agogi and the 5th Educational Conference, a triple-site linkcast took place on January, Saturday the 15th, 2011.


The theme of the linkcast was "traditional music and literature". The participants were Ellinogermaniki Agogi in Attika, Municipal Conservatory of Levadia in Voeotia, and Contemporary Centre of Music Education in Western Achaia. The main objective of the linkcast was to explore the possibilities of arranging and preparing an internet-event that engages audiovisual music interaction between multiple places simultaneously.

The narration of a Pomak story was the framework of the event. Preparations and scheduling took place according to the scenario of good practice that had been already consolidated through previous links. Original music was composed especially for the link. A Flute Solo was shared between a student of flute in Athens - Attika and the coordinator in Levadia - Voeotia as traditional music themes (please consult pages  1  and  2) were being shared between the three sites according to the scenario. Rehearsals involving elements of music as educational content, took place through teleconference lessons between the coordinator of the event and the participants. Music excerpts between the three sites succeeded one another as text and sheet music were being streamed throughout the linkcast. A brief PowerPoint presentation about the school’s partnership in educational projects was streamed earlier to the live audiences of Ellinogermaniki Agogi and Western Achaia.


"Let Us Share The Music" live screenshots.


Except from live audiences in these three sites, the link was being attended by users from Greece and abroad. Music professors as well as music and university students, contributed voluntarily to the success of this event.
The three sites were linked online since 16:09 (EET) and the event started at 16:34 (EET). The total duration of the link was 60 minutes and 50 seconds.


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For more information please visit : http://connect.ea.gr/ealinkjanuary2011en

Saturday, 15 January, 2011