Let Us Link The World With Music!

If music is the core element that links people or distant communities together then building connections of culture is the main objective of the program. Towards this task the project uses advanced and ongoing video-conference facilities giving the opportunity to individuals, educational communities, music organizations or other cultural entities to take part in the program's activities or even suggest their own.

Let Us Share The Music!

Let Us Share The Music” is a multiple-site-link scenario in which all participants (remote sites) collaborate with each other in order to create and perform a music web event. The scenario of this action is selected and registered as "good-practice" by the Greek Pedagogical Institute as part of the Major Teacher's Traning Programm.

Pilot online musical instrument lessons

This activity is a tool for supportive teaching not only in benefit of the Ellinogermaniki School students but also for any other applicant depending on the availability of teachers.