Let Us Link The World With Music!

If music is the core element that links people or distant communities together then building connections of culture is the main objective of the program. Towards this task the project uses advanced and ongoing video-conference facilities giving the opportunity to individuals, educational communities, music organizations or other cultural entities to take part in the program's activities or even suggest their own.
  A special teleconference meeting room is designed for every accepted applicant in order to support the suggested activities and objectives. Applications are open to any music-education institute, from the private or public sector, interested in taking part of the program’s activities.

  “Let Us Link The World With Music” action aims to develop innovative and advanced teleconference activities that will bring together communities from Greece to any other area in Europe where formal music education, or special music tuition, is scarce or impossible.

For examples of this kind of activities implemented in national level click the "Linkcasts" tab in the “Archives” sector.

If you are interested in arranging an activity please contact the project coordinator.