Let Us Share The Music!

Let Us Share The Music” is a multiple-site-link scenario in which all participants (remote sites) collaborate with each other in order to create and perform a music web event. The scenario of this action is selected and registered as "good-practice" by the Greek Pedagogical Institute as part of the Major Teacher's Traning Programm.
This linkcast scenario includes a detailed description of the individual musical and audiovisual events as a series of predefined assignments (considered as “roles”) assigned to each actual site.  A rehearsal-schedule (RS) is formed consisting of a number of link-sessions that take place before the actual event.

This particular activity, along with the previous "Triple-Site-Link" that took place in June 2010, supports the mid-term objective of the project which is the collaboration of -more than two- remote communities towards the development of a live online music event.
This activity registered as “good practice” by the Greek Paedagogical Institute is part of the Institute's good-practices-database. 
 “Let Us Share The Music” was the name of the demonstration-scenario that was carried out successfully during the 5th Educational Conference “School of Tomorrow”. This case study gave it's name to the activity presented here. Please consult the "Let Us Share The Music" demonstration event by clicking here.