"Aegean, Summer 2010" Naxos & Tinos Festivals


In August 2010 classical music concerts on two Aegean islands were audiovisually webcasted live for the first time. DMA was the first project in Greece to implement teleconference and live-streaming capabilities in two summer festivals: The Axia Festival (Island of Naxos) and the Exomvourgo Festival (Island of Tinos).



For these attempts a "News-page" was kept for the first time in order to provide information about these experimental webcasts. The "News-page" is a simple html document that serves as an innovative aspect of Musicography combining written documents with live webcasts and it has already been introduced through the AXIA Festival 2010 Experimental Webcast News Webpage. You may visit these "News-pages" by clicking below:

For the Naxos webcast: http://connect.ea.gr/axianews2010

For the Tinos webcast: http://connect.ea.gr/empneosintinos

In collaboration with the SoRuraLL project a leaflet containing information about the above webcasts was published as part of the program's dissemination material.

Wednesday, 18 August, 2010